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March 25, 2024 - In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) shapes industries, societies and our daily lives, the College of Informatics at ɫƵ announces a groundbreaking lecture series, “Born Before AI”. This thought-provoking series will bring together NKU experts to explore the intersection of humanity and AI offering insights, reflections and discussions around the profound impact of AI on our world.

This three-part series is designed for retirees and others who want to learn where AI is taking us. Delivered by experts ranging from junior faculty to a Vice President, it covers what AI is, its impact on our lives (healthcare, cybersecurity, journalism, ethics) and where AI is headed.

The three-part series will run weekly from April 17 through May 1, 2024.

  • Lecture 1, April 17, 2024: AI: Its past, present and future with Kevin Kirby, PhD, Dean of the College of Informatics
  • Lecture 2, April 24, 2024: The reach of AI: Journalism and Ethics with Michele Day, MA, and Robert Brice, PhD
  • Lecture 3, May 1, 2024: The reach of AI: Cybersecurity and Healthcare with Cynthia Thomas, PhD and Valerie Hardcastle, PhD

"The title of this series is a nod to 1956, the year that the term 'artificial intelligence' was born, at a conference at Dartmouth College," explains Dean Kevin Kirby. "AI has a long history, but suddenly it has entered an era of explosive evolution. This lecture series is designed to be a lively glimpse into how we got here, and the promise and dangers that lie ahead."

"Born Before AI" is part of a broader suite of programs at ɫƵ's College of Informatics, entitled "AI Generations." This includes a partnership with Navigo currently giving hands-on AI experiences to high school students, and an upcoming program with TiER1 Performance that will offer intergenerational AI workshops to midcareer professionals and their children. In addition, NKU's new interdisciplinary minor in Applied Artificial Intelligence makes AI accessible to college students in all majors.

The ‘Born Before AI’ Lecture Series is free of charge and supported through the generosity of Ellen Rieveschl. Registration is required. Click for more information.

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