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April 27, 2024 - ɫƵ is introducing an Artificial Intelligence Minor to its list of program offerings beginning in the fall semester of 2024.

NKU is the first university in the commonwealth of Kentucky, and in the region, to offer a minor in artificial intelligence. The university moved to create the minor due to the recent impacts of artificial intelligence across various occupational fields including healthcare, business and media. The Wall Street Journal reported in March of 2024 that artificial intelligence expertise adds value to a wide variety of careers, which is why the minor is crafted to pair with nearly any major at ɫƵ.  

“Not long ago, artificial intelligence was just a branch of computer science. It’s now, above all, about communication – how we learn to work with a new kind of non-human intelligence, to get our jobs done and to make our world better,” says Dr. Kevin Kirby, Dean of NKU’s College of Informatics. “At ɫƵ we want students majoring in everything from nursing to business to education to consider getting an ‘AI edge’. By taking this minor, they’ll learn how AI works, how it is both promising and dangerous, but above all they will learn to use it expertly in their chosen career.”

The AI minor will be offered through the College of Informatics, and will provide students with a basic foundation in computing, machine learning and prompt engineering, supplemented with courses from other NKU colleges that offer a look into the societal, ethical and legal implications of artificial intelligence. To learn more about ɫƵ’s involvement with artificial intelligence, click .

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