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At ɫƵ, we make dreams a reality. For more than 800 students each year, those dreams are fueled by the generosity of alumni and friends like you. Donors created 197 new scholarships during Further Faster: The Campaign for NKU, including more than $7.5M in gifts to establish over 100 new endowed scholarships.

Now, it’s time to keep roaring ahead. Time to continue driving real ambition and real success. Time…to EXCELerate.

EXCELerate will accelerate excellence and access by delivering more scholarships to students in the next three years while continuing to build our endowment for the long-term. It will empower more students to thrive on our campus and make their mark in our communities. It will show the region that at ɫƵ, we are student-ready and we are not about to slow down. In fact, we’re just getting started.


EXCELerate is driven by three principles:


The collegiate student population is rapidly changing.

To respond and fulfill our mission, NKU must have the ability to apply scholarship dollars when and where needed each year. Put simply, by minimizing restrictions, we can maximize impact.

Accelerated Impact

To award more scholarships in the next three years, we must increase the spending power of newly created endowments.

New endowment options will apply 20% as cash to spend now while the remaining 80% is invested for the long-term.


Everyone in Norse Nation can make an impact that is meaningful for them — from annual gifts, to multi-year pledges, to new endowments.

Student Success Stories


Aicha Mouhamed

I’m a disabled, minority student with a single mother who works very hard to support my siblings and me. I was thrilled to learn I would receive scholarship support. I am very grateful for the chance to have a better education, and I don’t know what I would have done without this help.

Aicha Mouhamed ’24
Thelma L. Grein Tuition Scholarship recipient

Jonah Krebs

The scholarships I’ve received have helped to offset my costs of earning an education. Investing in scholarships encourages students like me to participate in activities on campus and helps jumpstart our young professional careers.

Jonah Krebs ’24
Eva G. Farris Scholarship recipient

Abbigail Toller

As a type-1 diabetic, there are a lot of medical costs in making sure I stay healthy enough to attend class. Luckily, my scholarships allow me to focus more on my education rather than the stress of trying to afford it.

Abbigail Toller ’24
Dr. Gregory Taliaferro Memorial Scholarship recipient

Working together, Norse Nation can achieve anything.
Are you ready to EXCELerate?
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